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Until October 2006, CAPRI was a non-commercial artspace in Brunnenstrasse, Berlin-Mitte. Founded in 2001 by the artitsts Ina Bierstedt, Bettina Carl and Alena Meier, CAPRI realised over 70 exhibitions and events, presenting work by young international artists who often created site-specific installations for CAPRI's rather peculiar space in Brunnenstrasse.
The three artists-curators always saw their project as a participant in local and international networks, and thus organsised several cooperations with non-commercial partners, among them artspaces in Paris, Amsterdam and Auckland (NZ).
CAPRI Berlin continue their work as a collective of artists-curators.

organised by

Ina Bierstedt
Bettina Carl
Alena Meier




participating artists

Gert Bendel + Doerte Meyer (photography)
Ina Bierstedt (installation, painting) /
Bettina Carl (installation, drawing) /
Daniela Comani (photography) /
Ben Cottrell (installation, painting)
Meike Doelp (installation)
Rabea Eipperle (video)
Dietmar Fleischer + Ilona Winter (performance)
Anna Gollwitzer (sculpture, video)
Geka Heinke (painting)
Irčne Hug (objects, installation)
Sofia Hultén (video) /
Iris Kettner (sculpture) /
Andreas Koch (installation, photograpphy)
Nikolaus List (animation, painting) )
Susanne Lorenz (objects)
Alena Meier (film, photography)
Corinna Schnitt (video)