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CAPRI shows contemporary art. It is a noncommercial artist run initiative and has been founded in August 2001. The project is located in the rather neglected north of Mitte, the central district of East Berlin. Adjoining the broad gap still left by the Wall, CAPRI's space and its neighbourhood are marked by their intermediate status within the city and within time.
CAPRI’s conception refers to its ambivalent local context. As in CAPRI the artists have to cope with a space blankly denying the common white cube settings, a space that insists on its presence instead of confining itself to a background existence, each show has to be a uniquely site specific production. In CAPRI, the striking equipment of the former flower-shop has been preserved, to the effect that the frame for the artists’ statements is made up by a compilation of pyramid pedestals reminiscing about their original function, about the display and trade of commodities. These outlines challenge the artists to present their work as a negotiation with the architecture of the room and it also implicates the visitor as 'participant-observer’ within the scenography of the space.
Being thus a highly communicative place, CAPRI presents work implying a broad scale of media. The project focusses on artists concerned with the policies and aesthetics of space.


CAPRI continue their work as a collective of artists-curators; since 2009, CAPRI Berlin has been standing for the
joint curatorial projects realised by Ina Bierstedt and Bettina Carl.

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