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LXV Barbara Breitenfellner 

Eröffnung: Freitag, 21. 04. 2006: 20 - 00 Uhr
Ausstellungsdauer: Sa., 22.04. - Sa., 06.05.2006 (und bis 13.05. nach Vereinbarung)  

Schöne Logik

(...) One could say that Barbara Breitenfellner essentially „exhibits exhibitions“, every installation becoming an exhibition in itself, like those we can find in crappy private collections, in strange American suburban museums or even in trendy art galleries.
For her show at CAPRI, the artist presents printed works for the first time. Like her installations, they are based on found objects and materials e.g. pages from books on which she has printed etchings taken from 19th century dictionaries? illustrations or tattoo magazines, and dots resulting from the enlargement of images printed in newspapers. Again, it is in the bizarre signification, the non-logical links, the un-canniness of the mental collage that those prints find their raison d‘être, more than in an obvious explanation or too direct „beautiful logic“.
Those cut-up silkscreens remind us of JG Ballard who, in The Atrocity Exhibition writes: „Kodachrome. Captain Webster studied the prints. They showed: (1) a thick-set man in an Air Force jacket, unshaven face half hidden by the dented hat-peak; (2) a transverse section through the spinal level T-12; (3) a crayon self-portrait by David Feary, seven-year-old schizophrenic at the Belmont Asylum, Sutton; (4) radio-spectra from the quasar CTA 102; (5) an antero-posterior radiograph of a skull, estimated capacity 1500 cc; (6) spectro-heliogram of the sun taken with the K line of calcium; (7) left and right handprints showing massive scarring between second and third metacarpal bones. To Dr. Nathan he said, 'And these make up one picture?'“ Barbara Breitenfellner would doubtlessly answer „yes!“

Thibaut de Ruyter